Calculating How Many Biweekly Pay Periods In 2023 – How many biweekly pay periods in 2023? Calculating the number of checks employees will receive is an important factor as it’s part of the company’s wage budget. In almost every company, salaries make the biggest part of the expense. 

On the other hand, employees also need to know the pay check they’ll get, as it affects their personal life. A confusing or an uncertain payroll can cause problems that it’s better to resign the career as soon as possible. 

We will break down the salary that employees will receive In this article, the frequency of checks that they’ll get, and the total amount of money they can collect in a year with biweekly system. 

Biweekly Pay Schedule 2023: Calendar and Template for Your Business

Why It’s Important to Know How Many Biweekly Pay Periods in 2023?

From the employees’ perspective, it’s important to know the whole pay period mechanics because:

  1. Employees need to balance their life with the money that they get. They have to make sure that they don’t spend all the salary before they get another one on the next pay date.
  2. Employees need to understand how much they’re paid for the work that they’ve done. If they think it’s too low, they can quit and find another job.
  3. They need to process their payroll tax, and that’s why they have to understand the checks that will be granted to them.
  4. They need to spend their money on insurance, buying a house, etc. That’s why they must have knowledge about their earnings. 

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Meanwhile, from the employers’ perspective, it’s important to know the amount of money and how many biweekly pay periods in 2023 because:

  1. As stated previously, salaries make up the biggest portion of the company’s expense. That’s why everything about salaries has to be understood carefully.
  2. A clear and planned budget will help the company to apply a better strategy for the whole year. 
  3. Every state and country has its own regulations regarding workers’ payrolls. A company should be compliant with these rules. 
  4. A company needs to pay their workers in an amount that is worth their work. This meritocratic principle will make sure that the good workers will not leave. 

Number of Biweekly Pay Periods in 2023

The biweekly pay schedule is one of the most common pay cycles in the US. States like California, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Indiana use this system along with the weekly or semi-monthly pay.

In general, with the biweekly system, a company will issue a pay check every other week on a specific day. In total, there are 52 weeks in one year. Given that the company will only grant a check every other week, it means that employees will receive 26 checks a year.

How many biweekly pay periods in 2023? The answer is the same. The system will not change because we are in 2023. We could be in 2050, and the total checks a year is still 26.  

Biweekly Pay Months With 3 Checks 2023

A biweekly schedule gives an employee 2 checks every month except in 2 months. There are always these 2 months where workers receive 3 checks. Which months are those? It depends on each schedule. You can see by comparing the 2 biweekly pay schedules below.

how many biweekly pay periods in 2023

The first schedule starts on Tuesday January 3rd 2023. The 2 months with 3 checks are January and August. The second schedule starts on Friday 13th January 2023. It gives the workers 3 earnings in June and December.

Biweekly Pay Schedule 2023 Calculator

Calculating how many biweekly pay periods in 2023 is easy. There are 26 checks every year. But calculating your annual earnings or your hourly pay may take time.

For example, you know that you will get a total of $48,000 for your annual pay. The company promises you that, and you’ll receive 1 check every other week. 

How to calculate your money on each pay date?

Well, you can divide $48,000 : 26 = $1,846. You will get $1,846 for a 2-week period. But what about your hourly rate?

In general, you have to work 80 hours for 2 weeks as a salaried man or full-time employee. Your hourly rate with a check of $1,846 is $1,846 : 80 = $23. 

Let’s change the scenario for hourly employees. Say that you are hired to work in a company with $15 hourly rate. If you work for full 80 hours, you will receive $15 x 80 = $1,200 every other week until your contract lasts. 

Some websites provide automatic calculators to get those numbers. It might be convenient, but of course, these numbers could still change in reality. Deduction, benefit, tax, and others will be calculated by the HR department before you get your net salary. 

How Many Pay Periods in 2023 if You Quit the Job?

Quitting a job can be problematic if we talk about our check from the company that we will leave. In general, it’s mandated that employees will still paid for the hours that they spend working.

For example, if your hourly rate is $17, and you work for only 20 hours before you leave, you should receive $17 x 20 or $340. The check can be given to you on the next pay day or on another specific day, depending on the company and state regulations.

A better choice would be to give a 2-week notice before you leave. So, you can get your full check while giving the company time to replace you. 

The number of checks is one, as employees usually leave with 2-week notice or less. But in rare cases, employees will give notice 1-3 months before they go. In that case, they can get at least 6 checks, just like other employees.

How to Calculate Biweekly Pay When You Are Asked to Quit?

A change in the company could cause a massive lay off. We saw that when Elon Musk took over Twitter. In that case, Twitter offered several checks (3-months pay) before asking the workers to leave. 

Other times, a company will offer a pay cut. For example, during the Wynn Corporation lay off, the employees were given a 10% pay cut for those with less than $150,000 salary, and a 15% pay cut for those with more than $150,000 salary.

However, that’s not always the case. Many employees can be fired without getting compensation at all. It all depends on the contract. So, it will be wiser for employees to read the contract carefully to avoid a panic situation like that.

Biweekly Overtime Pay 2023

How many biweekly pay periods in 2023 if an employee works overtime? The answer is the not different with the number in the last year. But overtime will affect the amount of money given at a certain check. 

Basically, in the US, an employee will work 40 hours in 1 week or 80 hours in 2 weeks. For instance, if an employee works 82 hours in 2 weeks, he is entitled to 2 hours of overtime. Say that the overtime rate is $25, he would receive $50 additional money for the overtime work he has done.


In general, the number of checks that an employee gets with the biweekly system is 26. This won’t change even if we are in 2050. So, how many biweekly pay periods in 2023? The answer is always 26. Change usually happens with the money that the employees receive. Bonuses, taxes, overtime, and others will affect how much money they’ll get on the next pay day.

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